What to expect from my service:

Pet Care:

Care of your pets will be completed within the best of my ability, as per the schedule outlined by the owner of the pets.  

If instances arise that could possibly result in a safety issue for myself or a pet, I will make the best choice possible towards maintaining safety for all.  My safety comes before that of your pets, so in the event of an aggressive animal or unsafe conditions that are beyond my experience to control I will immediately contact you for referral to your vet for assistance.  I retain the right to discontinue service to anyone, signed agreement or not, in the event of an aggressive animal threatening my safety.  

Please provide written instructions for the following at a minimum:

  • Animal names, feeding schedules, behaviors to note, medications (doses, route, timing, and notes about how they are best given), daily exercise schedule, sleeping schedule, veterinarian name and phone number, as well as anything else that would be helpful to know for bonding with your pets. 
  • Home information: security (alarm, locks, parking), wifi password, location of flashlights, cleaning supplies, extra feed and water for animals, leashes, animal sleeping arrangements, location of general tools for minor repairs, and neighbor contact information.   Required home activities during my stay (bringing in mail, shoveling walk, mowing etc) with frequency and time etc.  Please note the additional work may incur additional fees (such as mowing and shoveling) but those will be clarified by me in advance. 
  • Your information:  travel plans, contact information and backup contacts if you cannot be reached in the event of an emergency. 

Please have these written directions completed and printed prior to our pre-stay meeting and home tour.  At that time we will review all information, make amendments if needed, and sign in agreement to the outlined tasks.  A very basic sample form can be found here to fill out and print.  

Home Care:

I strive to have you feel as if you were never gone when I watch your home and pets.  I will be clean and tidy, and work to assure that my stay in your home is as unobtrusive as possible.  For overnight stays I request that clean bedding and a towel be provided.  I will clean them in your washer (if time allows) on the last day of my stay.  

I will water plants if needed and outlined in written form prior to your trip.  

I will provide my own food while at your home, but ask that you clarify what items in your kitchen may or may not be used for cooking meals.  


I expect a non-refundable deposit payment of $25  to secure the dates for pet sitting.

Once I receive your deposit, I will schedule a home tour with you to review the home and pet needs.  

50% payment is due upon my arrival, 50% upon your return.  This is to cover unforeseen expenses.  

I am responsible for completing  care of your pets and home which  is clearly outlined in written form, on a document provided to and signed by me prior to your departure.  If for some reason I have failed to complete some portion of a written task I will offer a pro-rated refund for that service as a % of the entire service.  



Home checks only:

I provide a once daily check of home and animals.

  • I will feed and water small animals, fish and reptiles that can be left home alone.   
  • I bring in mail, water plants, check around house to be sure all is well (no floods, leaks etc), and generally make sure your home is fine while you're away.
  • Shoveling is an extra $5 for sidewalks only or $15 for sidewalks and driveway (1-2 car average).    
  • $20/check/day for homes up to 30 miles from Bozeman.

Overnight Pet Sitting:

I stay at your home to care for your home and animals while you are away. 

  • I will feed, water, and exercise animals as outlined in our signed  agreement.  
  • I will stay at your home and be gone for no longer than 5 hours at any given time. 
  • I bring in mail and  newspapers and water plants as needed. 
  • I will keep a close watch on animals and clean any messes they may create.  
  • I will take our my trash, clean my dishes, wash* my sheets and towels used for you so you do not need to do so upon your return.  (If time allows and a washing machine/dryer is available).
  • I will pay close attention to the instructions left for me and assure that your animals and home are well cared for.  In the event of an emergency or problem, I will notify you and work with you for proper resolution.   
  • Shoveling is an extra $5 for sidewalks only or $15 for sidewalks and driveway (1-2 car average).  
  • $40/night for homes up to 30 miles from Bozeman.  
  • Medicating animals is an additional $5/day per animal to be medicated.