Hi!  My name is Lorelyn Mayr, and I will give you a brief summary of who I am and why I am happy to take care of your pets and home while you're away.

I am a Bozeman native, born and raised here, graduating form BSHS in 1988.  I attended college at MSU in Animal Science and transferred to Colorado State University to graduate with my BS (Animal Science with a focus on Equine Science) in 1992.  While going to school I worked as a laboratory technician at Colorado State.  This job involved caring for animals of all varieties, including rodents, rabbits, cats, dogs, and horses. 

Following college I worked for a horse farm (Fresians)  as a stable hand but eventually moved to Seattle.  There I continued my career in Laboratory Animal Science working for Bristol Myers- Squibb and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  I became certified in Animal Care management, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, and a Surgical Research Specialist.  I worked with additional species including pigs, frogs, and fish.  

Following the birth of my second child I stepped away from animal work to stay home with my children.   During that time I returned to school to obtain a degree as a commercial artist and illustrator, which is what brought me back to Bozeman. Our family currently consists of myself, husband Jason, son Aidan (16), daughter Samantha (12), son Jack (10), two English Cocker Field Spaniels - Teddy (9) and Ginger (3), a long-haired Chihuahua, Casanova (7), and a very fat guinea pig named Anno.  I've raised rabbits, hamsters and gerbils as well as many fish in my life and have had several other dogs, cats and have had two horses.  

I own a graphic and website design company, Media Works, and work out of my home.  The work travels well and as my own boss I am able to set my own hours and work from anywhere.  

I had not considered using my animal care skills again until a friend told me what a hard time she had finding someone trustworthy and dependable to care for her dog and horse while she was on vacation. The problems she related about some former pet sitters she had employed were astonishing to me!  I offered to help her, and it turned out to be something I really enjoyed. The idea to provide the service for other friends and people they refer me to was born.  

I have a full time business, so I'm not looking to be a large pet sitting operation.  I like animals. I have the skills to properly care for them, even those that need special care. Above all else, I'm a responsible mature adult who will care for and respect your home.  I want you to feel confident leaving your home and pets in my care.  This is something I do on the side, to help out my friends and provide some extra money.  

If you're interested in having me pet or home sit for you please call me at 406-589-6660 or email me.  

Aidan, Samantha, Lorelyn, Teddy, Jason and Jack in 2013
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