Bozeman Pet and Home Sitting Services

Quality pet and home care can be hard to find.  I have been working with animals my entire life, and offer that experience to acquaintances and friends who need someone to care for their pets and home while they are away.  I don't advertise my services and only work with families referred to me by a friend or client.   I am only interested in working with people who know me personally, or know of me directly from a referral.  Staying in your home and caring for your animal family is important and I take it seriously.  In return, I expect a thorough background of knowledge to be provided to me so I can safely take the best care of your pets possible.  

You probably already know a bit about me, but please see my background to give you an idea if I may be a good fit for your needs.  

If you've reviewed that, as well as my terms & policies, and would like to schedule a visit please call me at 406.589.6660 or email me.